Taking Visual Marketing far above all others!



Sky High Videography provides professional aerial videography and photography services for all marketing and promotional needs.  Full post-production editing is also available to provide a finished video product ready for internet marketing.  We can take you as far as your imagination goes.

Maximize attention impact using aerial video for marketing in all industries such as Real Estate, Resorts, Hotels and Condominiums, Golf Courses and Country Clubs, Special Events, Weddings, Travel and Tourism, Community and Civic, Sailing and Boating, Auto Racing and Motorcycle Motorcross Events.

Sky High Videography is able to provide a very unique birds-eye perspective that will distinctly separate any video and photography marketing efforts far above and apart from others.  This is the technology you need to get the visuals that capture people's attention.

High tech remote controlled aerial flight platforms are utilized that provide flexibility to capture any filming requirements.  Camera panning and tracking from 1 foot above ground up to 400 feet over land and over water.  This remote controlled technology is very cost effective compared to traditional full size helicopters.  Our flying camera platforms can operate in very tight situations, including indoors.

Check out our most recent Real Estate Property Management vacation rental film.  We filmed the exterior and interior of the beautiful Log Lodge in Granby, Colorado.  Enjoy the atmosphere and amazing views at Rocky Ridge Lodge.
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Visit our Gallery