CEO – Cancun Experience Officer Top 100


We are 2 experienced travelers who met on a sailing adventure in MX 4 years ago and have created unique video stories from around the world.

My passion is to capture stories from around the world. Thank you for voting every day to help me land this dream job with Remember, likes here on Vimeo don’t count. Go to the page in the link above and keep voting daily until Christmas.

We travel for the shear joy of adventure. Because we can produce professional quality video, we often combine our talents and create business projects together. Whether in my home state of Colorado, visiting Sharen in Cancun, or traveling around the world, our cameras attract attention and allow us to meet and often record fascinating people and events. We have been enjoying, documenting, and visually sharing Cancun for the last two years. Our team of two gives you a confident, mature perspective on the exciting and safe possibilities of travel to Cancun. As energetic aging baby boomers, we’re able to influence a broad spectrum of age groups and have fun doing it. is seeking an experience officer; who better to advocate travel to Cancun than our experienced American team?

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