Help us tell a story of endangered Blue Whales, and present Fernando in Loreto, Mexico, one of many dedicated people who protect them.

We are showcasing sights and sounds of endangered Blue Whales in a short documentary, using dramatic, ‘close encounter’ images, to share the story of these majestic marine mammals and one of the men who has worked tirelessly to protect them, improve their survival rates, and educate others. Shooting on location in a pristine, and Protected National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez, the film crew of Sky High Videography will, once again, capture breath-taking footage of whales in the Baja. This is where we ask you to share our vision of educating others about these majestic, yet endangered, whales. Join with us on our journey of telling the passionate story of Fernando, and his dedication to protect the whales of Loreto. We hope you will proudly state, “I’m a Whale Protector, Too”. #whales #bluewhales #whalewatching #whaling #videography #whalepreservation #mexico #baja #loretomexico #savewhales

The Whale Protector Kickstarter Project

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