Apples to apples?

Not all videographers are the same. Some use lesser quality consumer DSLR cameras and very little audio gear. Others even depend on the DJ for audio. Without the proper lighting they are held hostage to difficult low light situations.  Our experience has taught us what gear and equipment works best to get reliable and professional results.

Professional Broadcast Quality HD Cameras

The best cinematographers can only achieve excellent results when using the best cameras. We have those cameras and know how to use them!  Experienced creative videographers will deliver stunning and dramatic cinematic results!

Professional Wireless Audio

We bring our own professional wireless microphones & audio recorders to ensure every important word spoken is recorded for you have and share for a lifetime.  It’s your love story to tell.

Professional Cinematic Quality Lighting

Filming is all about what can be seen. Professional lighting and methods make sure our cameras capture all the key moments.  We know the kind of shots that will provide visual drama to your final feature. We will use lighting gear and techniques to achieve quality cinematic results.

Creative Post Production Editing

Post production editing is a technical art. Your love story will be a cinematic treasure to share forever with family and friends. Great visuals, clear sound, music, creative edits and special effects come together to deliver compelling and memorable video.