All the time, effort and money to plan and finally your wedding day is here.  It will go so fast!  So fast that most couples do not remember key moments or people.  Number 2 in the top 10 regrets that couples have about their wedding is “I should have had a videographer”.  We will record your ceremony, both video and audio.  We will use several cameras and views and deliver your complete ceremony from beginning to end.  Share your Ceremony Video with family and friends.

To capture the complete ceremony in it’s entirety, it is essential to have an uninterrupted video and audio recording source.  To accomplish this, we normally will setup 2 digital audio recorders.  One stationary and connected, if possible to the venue/dj sound system and the other on the groom or officiant.  All cameras have mics also.  For video, we typically will setup 2-4 stationary cameras and one roaming.  Having these sources provides us with a camera view we can always cut to.